Introducing LSA IRIS ONLINE™ ... Much like its CD-ROM counterpart, LSA IRIS ONLINE™ is a unique and innovative marketing tool developed by the Local Search Association™ (LSA) in response to feedback from customers and members. Now, with the new LSA IRIS ONLINE™, retrieving publisher rates, data and other critical information or creating key reports is a snap. In addition to most of the features already available on the highly reliable and extremely popular CD product, LSA IRIS ONLINE™ offers advanced searches, directory coverage maps, and more, and requires no monthly installation or CD handling.

The Local Search Association’s Rates & Data System™ has been trusted as the industry's source for accurate and secure rates and data information for more than 30 years, and LSA IRIS ONLINE™ builds on that successful track record by adding more convenience and new features.

As with all Local Search Association products, LSA IRIS ONLINE™ is "ever-evolving," and we are open to ALL suggestions on how to improve it.